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You are going to be so busy, cuck, making sure that everything is ready for your Princesses so that she can fully enjoy time with her boyfriend.

You need to listen to this instruction closely, because your Princess is very demanding and she does not like to repeat herself. Daniela is meeting some girlfriends on this trip too, and she has to look the best out of all of them.

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She takes him to the office of chastity mediator, Empress Jennifer, to see if she can help them work out their issues. He really does a lot for Jenna, and their initial agreement was that he would get let out of chastity once a week.

It has now been five weeks, danni has done everything Jenna has asked, and he has still not gotten out of chastity. Jennifer asks Jenna to explain her side of the story.

They decide that instead of having a �dance off� contest, they want to have a ballbusting kick off.

The girls have lots of fun dancing while kicking their slave in the balls.

Jenna explains that she doesn�t feel danni deserves to get out of chastity. It�s not her fault she lost it; it was just an accident.

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