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Retrieved 26 October We had a secret relationship for five years and I married him for love.

Later that year, he also on the hit reality television series, Celebrity Wife Swap, where he traded lives with actor Robert Carradine.

They started dating in the year 2014 after meeting at the Chosen set.

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” JJ: There were so many twists and turns this first season. JJ: They dismissed their kiss after it happened and it seems if that relationship to progress, Paige would be the one to maybe push back a little bit.

You guys shot it all before the show even premiered. Jeff [Eastin, the creator] was really great with calling us and letting us know. We didn’t really know Briggs was a heroin addict until it came out. I think one of the best things about it is when you look at the tweets, everybody is like, ‘I want Paige and Mike to be together! ’ – which I didn’t even know what ship meant until a week ago (laughs) – but there’s no “Paige has a huge crush on Mike” or “Mike has a huge crush on Paige.” I think its most fun to watch as a viewer when two people kind of like each other. It’s like your two best friends who you know would be amazing together if they dated, but every time you get them together…you’re trying to sell one to the other, and I think the audience is trying to do that with us. Do you think its possible to have a romantic relationship in the Graceland house? That’s what is really interesting and that’s what the writers kind of have to navigate because it can get really messy.

Presently, she appears on Chosen, playing the main role Avery Sharp.

Sarah is the wife of the gorgeous actor Chad Michael Murray.

The ensuing season in proved subpar as the 49ers finished 7—9.

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