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Due to its location, this city is also called the "three-valleys town" (Drei-Täler Stadt) or the "Gateway to the Black Forest" (Pforte zum Schwarzwald / Porta Hercynia).

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Since 90: A settlement was established by Roman citizens at the Enz River near the modern Altstädter Brücke (old town bridge).

Archeological surveys have unearthed several artifacts of that period which are kept and displayed in the Kappelhof Museum.

The story of the bombardment is dramatically recounted in the history by Giles Milton, entitled Wolfram: The Boy Who Went To War (2011).

In the twenty years following the end of the war, Pforzheim was gradually rebuilt.

The town drew its income from the wood trade, timber rafting, the tannery trade, textile manufacturing, and other crafts.

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