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And every piece of advice I've ever tried has only gotten me to conversations, but never even a phone number.Out of the 200 or more women I've messaged on these sites I've been responded to by about 15, of those only 1 even messages me anymore. So yeah, there's obviously something wrong with me. I'll be honest, a lot of these profiles are pretty bare bones so I don't know what more I can do honestly.

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Most women on these sites gets ALOT of mail from men..if you sound too desperate, then maybe they think you're being too stuffy. So you're a dog AND a cat person at the same time, nice! I don't really have any female friends I talk with at all.

Try to add more 'humor' in your msgs; girls like funny guys. I'm pretty much just winging everything from what I think is "right" and failing miserably every time. Those negative thoughts will lose you the game before you even start playing.

And do you have any 'Female' friends or family members IRL? All the advice I ever get is "You'll find a nice girl someday just keep trying" but I really think I should have been on at least a few dates by now and no, I haven't. Secondly, could you elaborate when you say you're trying your best?

What places do you go to try and talk to women (besides online)?

Look, the women using the dating sites are just as pathetic as you not that issue. Lord knows all these girls are probably seeing multiple guys anyway.

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