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“Bromance” is a 2015 Taiwanese drama series directed by Chen Rong Hui.

*Note: This was supposed to be the last of all the parts, the cherry on top of the cake.

"The Bachelor" – Baron Chen Tang Zhuoyi breaking fifty million Sohu entertainment understanding interactive entertainment news Sohu National Day golden week to the end of the first day, the new network in mango TV "the golden Bachelor" second on Saturday at 12 p.m., the dream down God love real reality show, on the first day the National Day holiday premiered on gains 20 million attention, second broadcast playback volume to break 50 million, repeatedly captured the throne crazy variety season champion.

October 8th program in the four dimension male god Baron Chen warm heart staged "forehead kill", netizens call girls heart burst.

He also continued with roles in films such as The Treasure Hunter (2009), Moonlight Love (2012) and No Losers (2012).

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